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    Product List

    Sodium carbonate

    English name: Sodium carbonate
    Chinese alias: sodium carbonate; soda; high-purity sodium carbonate; sodium carbonate (heavy); edible soda ash; sodium carbonate (edible); anhydrous sodium carbonate; soda ash; heavy ash; sodium carbonate (anhydrous); sodium carbonate Standard solution; carbon oxygen; light sodium carbonate; sodium carbonate solution
    CAS RN: 497-19-8
    EINECS Number: 207-838-8
    Molecular formula: Na2CO3
    Molecular weight: 105.99
    Structural formula:

    Physical and chemical properties:

    Properties: The pure product of anhydrous sodium carbonate is white powder or fine particles.
    Melting point: 851°C
    Relative density: 2.532
    Solubility: easily soluble in water, the aqueous solution is strongly alkaline. Its solubility is the largest at 35.4°C, 49.7g of sodium carbonate can be dissolved in every 100g of water (7.0g at 0°C, 45.5g at 100°C). Slightly soluble in absolute ethanol, insoluble in propanol.

    Uses: basic chemical raw materials, widely used in medicine, papermaking, metallurgy, glass, textile, dyes and other industries, as a leavening agent in food industry.

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