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    English name: Aniline
    Chinese alias: Anilin; Anilin oil; Aminobenzene
    CAS RN: 62-53-3
    EINECS Number: 200-539-3
    Molecular formula: C6H7N
    Molecular weight: 93.13

    Physical and chemical properties: colorless oily flammable liquid with strong odor. The melting point is -6.3°C, the boiling point is 184°C, 68.3°C (1.33kPa), the relative density is 1.0217 (20/4°C), the refractive index is 1.5863, the flash point (open cup) is 70°C, and the auto-ignition point is 770°C. It will gradually turn brown when exposed to air or exposed to light. Can be volatile with water vapor. Aniline is miscible with ethanol, ether, chloroform and many other organic solvents. The solubility (weight percent) of aniline in water is 3.7% at 30°C, 4.2% at 50°C, and 8.0% at 110°C. Alkaline, can generate hydrochloride with hydrochloric acid, and generate sulfate with sulfuric acid.
    Uses: Aniline is an important intermediate. There are 300 more important products produced from aniline. There are more than 80 aniline manufacturers in the world, the total annual production capacity has exceeded 2.7 million t/a, and the output is about 2.3 million t; the main consumption area is MDI, and its consumption accounted for about 84% of the total aniline consumption in 2000. Aniline in my country is mainly consumed in MDI, dye industry, rubber auxiliaries, medicines, pesticides and organic intermediates, etc.

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