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            Quality / Safety Guarantee

            Quality / Safety Guarantee

            Quality / Safety Guarantee

                Benchuan Smart Circuit adheres to the quality policy of "produce high-quality products, deliver on time and on time, continuously improve the system, and ensure customer satisfaction." Providing customers with products of excellent quality has become an important part of the smart corporate culture of Benchuan. The company has a large number of testing equipment, test instruments and adopts SPC quality tool management, which provides a reliable guarantee for the reliability of the product.

            Quality system and safety certification

            SGS ISO9001:2015 
            SGS ISO/IATF16949:2016 

            SGS ISO14001:2015
            UL safety certification (UL #: E301546) includes common FR4 material circuit boards, Bergquist / DuPont aluminum-based material circuit boards and high-frequency Rogers material circuit boards

            Routine / reliability testing

            AOI test of 100% inner and outer graphics

            Coating thickness test

            100% continuity test

            Thermal stress test

            Impedance test

            Electronic pollution testing

            Inductance test

            Surface peel test

            Withstand voltage test

            Bond strength test

            Metallographic microanalysis

            Coating adhesion test

            Surface coating thickness test