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            Your Current Position:  Human Resources > Campus Recruiting
            • 30 people in electrical measurement, numerical control, electroplating, quality inspection, etc.

              Job title: electrical measurement, numerical control, electroplating, quality inspection, etc.

              Working place: No. 7 Kongjia Road, Economic Development Zone, Lishui District, Nanjing

              Salary: 5000-7000 yuan

              Number of people required: 30

              Release Date: 2019/11/8

              Valid period: 90

              Specific requirements:

              1. Recruitment conditions:

              Men and women are not limited, secondary school and above, good health, no bad habits, no tattoos, strong sense of responsibility, can adapt to two shifts.

              2. Salary and treatment:

              (1) Basic salary + overtime payment + job subsidy + skill salary + seniority salary, etc., monthly income is 5000-7000 yuan / month.

              (2) Provide employees with outstanding performance with opportunities for promotion and salary increase.

              (3) Monthly selection of outstanding employees in teams and groups will be given economic rewards.

              3. Other benefits:

              (1) Apply for five insurances and one payment.

              (2) Employee cafeteria: Employee dining is free of charge (including rest days), breakfast is rich, Chinese food, dinner and supper are all meat and vegetables.

              (3) Employee dormitory: free accommodation for employees, about 6 people / room, with air conditioning, and independent toilet.

              (4) Other benefits: The company distributes daily necessities every month; holidays and other welfare items.

              Telephone: 025-56617188-8880

              Mailbox: njhr@www.lishengqianye.com

              Company address: No. 7 Kongjia Road, Lishui Economic Development Zone, Nanjing