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            "People are fighting against the epidemic, and enterprises in the development zone are pioneers"-Yang Xiaohui, secretary of the Party branch and chairman of the labor union of Benchuan Smart, strives to be at the forefront of the enterprise
            Column:Company News Time:2020-02-13
            "Zhongzhichengcheng anti-epidemic situation, enterprises in the development zone as pioneers"

            ——Yang Xiaohui, Secretary of the Party Branch and Chairman of the Trade Union of Benchuan Intelligent Party, fights at the forefront of the enterprise

            On the occasion of the Spring Festival, an epidemic that broke out in Wuhan and spread rapidly to the whole country suddenly struck, disrupting the rhythm of our lives and affecting the hearts of every compatriot. The epidemic is merciless, with support from one side and support from all directions. Jiangsu Benchuan Intelligent Circuit Technology Co., Ltd. actively responded to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "organization of the production of medical equipment parts such as infrared body temperature detectors for the resumption of production and resumption of production" with a high sense of social responsibility. "Emergency Notice", after receiving the production task, urgently started construction on January 30, 2020 (the sixth day of the first month). Comrade Yang Xiaohui, secretary of the company's party branch and chairman of the trade union, has taken the lead. Starting from January 27, he gave up the Spring Festival vacation, set out to prepare for the early work of employees to work, and charged forward with a high sense of responsibility of a Communist Party member to strengthen the trade union organization. Leadership, give full play to the organization and coordination of enterprise trade unions, implement responsibilities at all levels, and implement solid and comprehensive work measures.

            In order to organize the company's resumption of production in a timely and effective manner, Secretary Yang set up the company's internal new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control emergency team for the first time and personally served as the emergency team leader, formulating emergency plans and prevention and control strategies, and mobilizing the enterprise to resume work. Guide the emergency team to prevent and control the new coronavirus in the company.

            In order to ensure that employees who return to the factory for production in a timely manner can wear masks, Secretary Yang raised 3,000 masks in the first time through various channels to ensure the demand for masks for employees to resume work. On the first day of the emergency start of work on January 30, she waited early at the company gate to greet employees who volunteered to work overtime at the company, measure body temperature for employees who arrived at the company, issue masks, send red envelopes, and cheer for employees who volunteered to work overtime. Thanks to the employees for their social responsibility and their contributions to fighting the epidemic.         5ea93b6143fde.jpg

            In order to ensure the supply to the supporting medical device companies as soon as possible, the volunteers of Hengchuan Intelligent Company are working overtime in the production line to catch up with the important equipment needed for the prevention of the epidemic, such as temperature gauges, ventilators, and oxygen generators. Components-circuit boards, in order to let employees work with peace of mind, Secretary Yang organized the logistics department to the production line to measure the temperature of employees, care for the needs of employees, formulate overtime compensation plans for employees in special periods, so that employees can work with peace of mind and quickly produce products .         5ea93bd2bb7fe.jpg

            In order to reassure leaders at all levels who are concerned about the production and prevention and control of the company's epidemic situation, Secretary Yang reports to the superior department of the jurisdiction where the company is located every day to report the arrival of the company's personnel, investigate the situation of each employee, strengthen employee care, and let The employees felt the collective warmth. She asked the department heads to take the initiative to act as the "buyers" of the department employees. If there is a need to purchase personal supplies, the department heads will do the work when they are off duty to provide convenience for the department employees and reduce employee outings. The bit by bit contribution has been recognized by the majority of employees and has inspired everyone's morale. At present, the company's first batch of emergency supplies has been sent to the clients of medical equipment.         5ea93c444dd7c.jpg

            Comrade Yang Xiaohui said: At the critical moment of uniting the whole country and preventing and controlling viruses, although we cannot charge like a medical worker on the front line and fight at the forefront, as a responsible and responsible enterprise, we are at a critical juncture. , It should reflect our due responsibility for the intelligent people of this river. The more we try to make a product, the more you will have a safety guarantee, accelerate the production progress of the enterprise, and strictly guarantee the product quality, which is our unshirkable responsibility and obligation. I believe that as long as we are united and united, we will be able to overcome the virus, overcome difficulties, and achieve a complete and complete victory!