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    Key Products:   Ethyl AlcoholDichloromethaneDichloroethaneAnilineEpichlorohydrinAcetoneMethyl alcoholToluene


    Established in 2001, Hangzhou Zhongli Chemical Co., Ltd. is located at the bank side of beautiful West Lake in Hangzhou city. Under the support of an excellent team of chemical professionals, we are mainly engaged in the trade of imported and Chinese chemical materials, and the processing business of pharmaceuticals and intermediates. Now, our products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, dye, paint, sponge, textile printing and dyeing, glue and many other industries.


    At present, our company has established long-term and close cooperative relations with many famous petrochemical enterprises and multinational companies at home and abroad, and successfully become the regional agent of these companies. After more than 20 years of hard work of our team, Zhongli now has become an excellent long-term and stable supplier to dozens of large listed companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, dye, pesticide and other industries of China.

    Now, we mainly sell five categories of products as followings: alcohol, acetone, toluene, ethyl acetate, methanol and other (ketone, benzene, ester, alcohol) organic solvents. Alkane chlorides such as dichloromethane, dichloroethane, epichlorohydrin, and allyl chloride. Organic amines such as aniline, dimethylformamide, and dimethylamine. Polyurethane and foaming materials such as TDI, MDI, polyether and others. Inorganic products such as flake caustic soda, soda ash and liquid caustic soda, etc. Phenol, pyridine, dimethyl sulfoxide and other chemical materials. Due to big market shares and advantages of our company on prices, we annually can sell more than 30,000 tons of alcohol, dichloromethane, aniline, epichlorohydrin and other products.


    Upholding such tenet of "Honesty, Service, Mutual benefits", Zhongli is striving to offer you quality product and excellent service.

    As a reliable business partner, Zhongli sincerely looks forward to making friends with you, cooperating with you and getting development together.

    Add: Rm. 1901 ,Qianjiang International Business Center, 8# Qianjiang Rd., Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, China.
    Tel:+86-571-85779159 / 85779367 / +86-18005881497 Fax:+86-571-85779367
    Contact: Xu Chaohao +86-13906501497 E-mail:sales@zhonglichemical.com
    Copyright(C)2022, Hangzhou Zhongli Chemical Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Supported by  ChemNet ChinaChemNet Toocle
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